Multiple Sclerosis ... It's Not Just a Disease —

It's an Adventure!

My MSAdventures was written to chronicle my (mis-)adventures experienced while coping with problems related to having Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

This is not a medical journal nor is it an education of MS. Rather, it is a compilation of my encounters with difficult or embarrassing situations in which I found myself because of my MS.

The presentation of the book is a random sampling of "adventures", documented with the same light-heartedness that helped me keep my perspective and preserve my "sanity" during this very difficult time in my life.

It is my wish that reading this book will benefit those of you who have MS or are close to someone who has this disease, i.e. friends or loved ones or care-givers of an MS patient. May you find a unique way to view each problem or situation that is encountered, and learn to cope with all the physical and emotional challenges of dealing with MS. It is not just a Journey – but definitely a MSAdventure.

Becky Kennedy, Author
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